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I Spent A Terrifying Night In A Haunted Chalet On Beehive Hill

Believe me...I'm pretty fearless...BUT...I had a night a year ago that pretty much scared the daylights out of me. It all happened at a chalet, at a place I call Beehive Hill.

Behive HillIt had been a busy summer and fall of 2009 and I needed a little R & R.

I thought I needed to get away for a few days and I could do some writing on my blogs and book.

So, I planned a trip to the Smokey Mountains of Gatlinburg, TN.

After lots of research, I found a chalet I liked that would allow pets and had Internet service. Perfect!

When you book these chalets, the rental company does not tell you the exact address so I had no idea of the location until I actually checked in.

It turned out to be a mountain that I had taken pictures of some time before on a separate trip. 

The hill reminded me of a bunch of beehives.

Beehive Hill

I reserved it for two nights. Dreaming of a nice scenic deck, pillow-top bed, and hot tub to relax in. is good I thought!

It looked nice from the Internet pics, but it did not show the whole complex. After check in... I drove up the mountain.

Winding around back and forth til I reached the very top. Whew! It was the Top Of The World Dr.!

Top of the World Dr Chanel, my dog and I settled in and got a bit of my writing done then watched the sun go down over the mountain.

It gets dark fast up there. I saw that the chalets up on our street had no residents or cars. Just us.

The street far below had one car I noted as I had driven up the mountain.

I was to think of this later... in case I needed to run for help.

For some reason, the house phone was dead. It was a good thing I had my cell, but it didn't work in all areas of the chalet. Only out on the deck.

The main floor was all one level with a A-frame cathedral ceiling.

The bedroom was below the living room in the basement that opened to another deck.

I turned off all the lights and Chanel and I turned in for the night. Ahhh...peace and quiet. Nice.

About 4AM... I was startled awake by the sound of something moving  around on the living room floor up over my bed.

It sounded like someone smacking a bone around over the wood floor. Over and over this was going on.

Then the sound was someone walking with shoes on. What the ****!

I bolted upright in the bed with fright!

I felt a cold wind blow through the room too!

The window was NOT open.

I listened and tried to reason with myself what it could be.

There was no tree over the roof for a squirrel to be running around and this sound was coming from the living room right above me.

Freaked totally out with my heart racing... I whispered to Chanel not to make a sound. For some reason she never did even bark. That was strange. She must have been to frightened to not make a sound!

Chanel at the Haunted ChaletI left her on the bed, flipped on the light at the bottom of the stairs that would light the main upper floor and crept up the steps slowly.

When I was eye level to the 1st floor, I could see all the way across the floor in every corner. There was nothing that would be making a noise. The sound had stopped too.Jacko

I ran into the kitchen, grabbed a butcher knife and a broom to use as weapons in case I might need them.

Leaving the light on, I went back downstairs and locked us in the bedroom.

No sooner than I was in bed, it started again but a little louder. What in the world could it be??

If it got through the door, I was ready for what ever. I tried my phone and it didn't have a signal.

Now what? How could I even call for help??

I don't think I fell asleep, but when the sun came up, the sound had stopped.

I got out of there and drove down the hill into Gatlinburg to have breakfast and shop.

I felt calmer being in the crowds of people. Now, I wasn't in a mood to write in a scenic, now spooky location at all.

I had paid for another night. I invited a girlfriend to visit for pizza dinner, but she was ready to be back down the mountain before dark. Now, I had the night to go again.

I kept the knife and broom with me and locked the bedroom door again. This night was quiet and nothing happened.

I felt better the next morning but was ready to get out of there. I'll never stay in another location like that again!

There must be some sort of ghost up there on that mountain. I've never been that freaked out before.

Note to self: Bring gun and bear trap next time.


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*I Spent A Terrifying Night In A Haunted Chalet On Beehive Hill*

Comment balloon 10 commentsLizette Fitzpatrick • October 29 2010 03:59PM


surprisingly, guns and bear traps don't work on ghosts.

Posted by Alan May, Helping you find your way home. (Jameson Sotheby's International Realty) over 9 years ago

Wow, did they charge extra for the noises?  At least you will have a great story to tell friends for years to come.

Thanks for the story.

joey Remondino

Posted by Joey Remondino, Broker, GRI, E-Pro (RE/MAX Preferred Properties) over 9 years ago

Lizette, what an experience. If you go back simply bring along 3 friends and stay up laughing at the ghost and sipping Old No.7, (or hot chocolate if your a non drinker).

Posted by Steve Baklaich, Treating Buyers & Sellers to Full Service Always. (RE/MAX Results St Cloud Mn real estate) over 9 years ago

Hey Liz, I would like to know the story of the land itself.  Those vacation homes have an interesting set up and so high on the mountains. usually homes are within the valley.   You just may have had a visit ;) Maybe you should look into that, did you get a chance to talk to the locals?

Posted by Laura Cerrano, Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher (Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island) over 9 years ago

The Tennessee hills are alive....   with what?    You may never know what/who was in that cabin with you!    Glad you made it out.

Posted by Connie King over 9 years ago

Alan  - I guess you are right!

Joey - It is a good story to tell now. Now I'm over being scared.

Steve - That's an excellent plan.

Laura - I didn't get to talk to the owner or any one that lived nearby.

Connie - I'm glad you stopped by to hang out with me for awhile.

Posted by Lizette Fitzpatrick, Lizette Realty, Lexington KY MLS - Kentucky Homes (Lizette Realty - Richmond KY) over 9 years ago

Featured in BananaTude!

Posted by Anna Banana Kruchten Broker/Owner, CRB, CRS, 602-380-4886 (Phoenix Property Shoppe) over 9 years ago

Wow!  Amazing!  I do believe in ghosts, so I was very much caught up in the story.  I would certainly talk this over with the people who rented the home to you and see what they have to say.  Surely they've had other reports of ghostly sounds effects.  Please let me know what you find out! 

Posted by Janet Naisbitt-Bagley (ERA Realty Center) over 9 years ago

A woman Named can find her in the "Praying in the Rain" group: she writes stories just like yours you should check out. Both of you keep me intrigued.

Posted by Ellen Caruso (Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty) over 9 years ago

I loved another blog of yours so much I became a subscriber! Thanks for the great stories!

Posted by Hilary Young, Team Assistant - The Nines Team in Lodi (The Nines Team Realty) over 9 years ago

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