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Water You Talking About?

hotWe are now collecting our own water right from the air!

Returning home the other night we found the temperature at the house rising and rising....hum. Not a good thing. The A/C was definitely on the fritz. After a long and painful night tossing and turning our A/C man came to the rescue! It was over 100 degrees outside and almost that on the inside.

Once the capacitor was replaced and the old system was shot with freon we sighed a sigh of relief.

Our newfound friend, Joe also left us with a wonderful tidbit of advice that I want to share with you! Brilliant is the best word for it. He recommended that we go purchase a DeHumidifier and run it in the main part of our home. Why we asked? He explained the concept of humidity raising the body temperature just like the Weather man does.

We had never thought about this INSIDE THE HOUSE! Joe explained that we would run our A/C less with less humidity in the air. A normal A/C unit will only eliminate up to 50% of the humidity in the home at any given time. Thus the reason I couldn't get comfortable...I was either too warm or too cold!

We did it. We ran to Home Depot and purchased a 30 pint capacity DeHumidifier and set that puppy up. We are now running the A/C at a whopping 80 degrees and it's cool and comfortable in the house and our bill will be dropping. We use to run it at 73 more.

Each morning I have the pleasure of emptying my 30 pints of WATER that appears in our container within the DeHumidifier and right on to my plants! Right out of the air comes the precious commodity of water!

Brilliant? You bet!

So, if you are in need of a fantastic A/C man just call Joe!
Jody Jefferson
Four Seasons A/C and Heating Company
Conroe, Texas


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