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It's all about Philadelphia baby - Change of pace



Active Rain has changed so much since I first started in October of 2006. I remember the membership to be around 6,000 or so. Now it's up over 213,000 people. Many of you might not know who I am because my blogging has slowed down considerably in 2011 and so has my overall participation. Several reasons... I have been writing for 4 1/2 years. My first 2 years, I was writing like 30 blog posts a month. And as many of you know, it can be time consuming when writing, reading, and commenting.  Also, I love mortgages, helping those with questions, and to educate them. But mortgages in general are just boring. I just hit my 19 year anniversary 3 weeks ago. I love comments like the next one, but I have to be on here like 24/7, paying it forward, writing good stuff, and so much more. I just got burnt out.

Just the other day, I had a consumer call me from California who found me online and said, "you write some very good stuff. I have been reading your posts on The FHA Expert and a few on Active Rain." He then asks me a question and told me that 3 other lenders said it can't be done. I said that they are wrong, that it's allowed by HUD/FHA. Hey, I just always prided myself in putting good quality content out there that is easy to understand. But I just haven't done as well in recent years for several reasons.


Good news though.... I can take what I have learned in blogging, thanks partially to Active Rain and several of its members, and put it too good use. I have been working on a project for myself, a web site all About Philadelphia.


The general description :

At MyPhillyAlive, I want to share the excitement that the City of Philadelphia resonates. Sharing the passion within, from the people of Philadelphia. At MyPhillyAlive, I'll be talking about restaurants, fun bars & the city night life, the history of Philadelphia, Philly attractions & events, the arts, sports, and much more. I want people to add their experiences regarding Philadelphia, even if they are from out of town.





On top of it all, I will also be doing social media. Teaching those the basics, about blogging, the major social media platforms, how to engage, some tools, and reviewing the business's or individual's social media plan. I will also be doing this for my current company regarding mortgages. And I will still help regarding mortgages, but I am excited about keeping my passion going in blog posts when it comes to Philadelphia, especially the history of Philadelphia.


So...  this is where I have been, since I haven't been on Active Rain in the last 3 months or so. Here is a link to my facebook fan page : MyPhillyAlive - My web site will be live in about a week.You can also find me on Twitter @MyPhillyAlive .

Thanks, Jeff





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It's all about Philadelphia baby - Change of pace
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