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Wordy C Central? (ROTFLMAO) If You Can't Have Fun At Work Where Can You?

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2009

Carolyn Tann-Starr's Desk At REMAX People Realty

Geek Love? You betcha! Who else would be running Windows Vista and Windows XP at the same time (LOL). So you want to take a tour of Wordy C Central, eh? Not much to see. I work in a cubicle at REMAX People Realty.

See that big pink Hello card? That was from Don Rogers. He was the very first Rainer to ever send me a present. A beautiful clear paint can of tasty candy that my kids came to the office to squabble over (LOL). Matter of fact, Stephen the Minion Blur usually stands on the left side of my desk playing on the glass shelf with his Thomas the Train choo choo while I am working. Noah takes over the computer of course. That's why we call him Noah the Net Geek (LOL). We have to negotiate our turn on the electronics because little dude lives in cyberspace more than his Mama and Papa (LOL).

I wrote this post because of a hilarious e-mail from one of my brick and mortars who dared me to put Wordy C Central to the test. I do not know what that means but we are certainly going to find out (LOL). Will this be better than a Meme? Maybe... maybe not... (LOL) It depends upon what you people ask me. :-)

Wordy C Central rules:

Must be PG-13 at all times because here's the part of the show where you get to ask me all kinds of interesting questions and I actually have the nerve, the audacity, the unmitigated gall to answer them (ROTFL). Have fun. Dare ya! Let the social media games begin (LOL). BTW, my office closes at 8PM EST so you have 40 minutes on the clock (LOL). 

Wordy C Central is now in session. ;-)

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