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My Spring Renewal for 2011 is Family


(Please click on this song while you read this) - Steppin Out  by Joe Jackson


What is your energy source? What makes you want to get up early, to strive for that great day. What is your motivation at times? That spark plug.. that flame... overall, what helps you produce your energy to be successful in your life and for your business.

Well, Sally Cheeseman started a group over 3 years ago called POSITIVE ATTITUDE for the Weary Soul.  It's the kind of group that can bring you a 'pick me up' just like caffeine does when drinking coffee or an energy drink. Filled with so much powerful energy from so many good blog posts. And Sally, with the help Anna Bananna, has created a contest :

SPRING RENEWAL CONTEST | Positive Attitude for the Weary Soul


Here is the basic premise behind the contest.....


Think for a moment. What have you missed because you were too busy or stuck inside ‘self' to see clearly?  Stop for a moment and smell the flowers. Take this time to revive yourself and plant new ideas  into your life and business to go forward with an awesome sense of renewal.


Sally basically wants to create a positive atmosphere within this contest..... and here is my story, my energy, my source.


For many of you that know me, I just have not found that person as of yet, to share my life with. In a way, I have always wanted a family of my own, at least 2 kids. As I get older, I sometimes become sad because of this, because I know that I would be a good an awesome father. One who would be loving, caring, and would love to teach my kids, if I had some, all about life. The good, the bad, the ugly... to introduce them to sports and so much more.


the Twins - Ava & Joey


So what have I missed? That unconditional love that seems to come from young kids that don't have a worry in the world. For those that haven't gotten to know me, I have one sister who has been married for 15+ years to a great guy and they have three boys and three girls. Three of the kids are adopted. And you want to talk about a lot of love and joy in this household?  Sure, kids argue and fight with each other. But as I watch them all grow up, through the good times and the bad times, at the end of the day, they are still a loving family. Each one willing to do anything for each other. These two in the picture, the twins, Ava and Joey. One would think that Joey is loving his sister in this picture. From what I found out, he was a little upset with his sisters affection.. lol

(The twins will be 3 next month - Joey being the youngest of the bunch)

Katerina after Nutcracker




Katerina is the oldest and loves dance. Here she is after performing in the NutCracker. She is so mature for her age, soon to be 12 years of age, and wants to be independent at times already.



Johnny going into Boy Scouts





Johnny, the 2nd oldest, just went from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. Likes to play sports, but is very creative when it comes to drawing. Just a very creative mind with a good heart.



Andrew with football picture





Andrew... the 3rd oldest, is just a great kid. Afraid of spiders, bugs, and not a big fan of camping outside without the comforts of home. But really got into playing field hockey in the summer and football in the fall. He really enjoyed hitting people. Maybe having 5 other brothers and sisters made him tough. As my brother-in-law tells him during football games, just take out the frustrations from your brothers and sisters out on the other kids playing football. (lol)







Alisha...the 4th oldest and just a very hard one to get a picture of. She can be very outgoing with a great smile of joy, and the next day, very shy and hard to find. Alisha just likes playing with her brothers and sisters. I guess she hasn't found that one thing she likes to do. But she does love to play video games with her two older brothers. And others times, playing with the twins as their older sister.



Ava & Joey at the lake



The end result.... thinking of these kids is my Spring Renewal, wanting me to be a bigger part of their lives, while at the same time, keeping my focus on my work, my job.... but not losing sight of these awesome kids, with so much love between all six of them. Just being with them gives you enough energy and love to truly appreciate all that life has to offer. And just being with them at times gives me the excuse to be a kid sometimes.



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If anything, I have created an online scrapbook for the kids.






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My Spring Renewal for 2011 is Family
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