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Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is -- Does Anybody Really Care?

I do not adjust to time zone changes well while traveling. Hate the fall-forward and fall-back time changes, too. These things throw me out of whack. Don't even talk to me about going to Europe. I can do all of the things the experts suggest: set my watch ahead, drink plenty of fluids, avoid alcohol, eat light, get up and walk around the cabin, but I can't adjust my internal clock. When we land, I am totally exhausted, regardless of sleep.

That's why I prefer to have a vacation from my vacation. I need a little bit of time to recover. To adjust to being back into the swing of things.

The one thing I don't need adjustment to is going to Hawaii. The minute the plane lands, I feel like I am in sync with the islands. For example, even though Hawaii is 2 hours behind California, and I am generally at my computer by 5 AM in California, I didn't get up until 7 or 8 AM most mornings. Like a normal person.

Why don't we throw away all of our clocks, I ask you? Well, many people have. That's what we have cellphones for these days -- to tell the time. Nobody needs a wristwatch anymore. And since we have all of these electronic gadgets that prevent us from engaging in actual conversations with people, it doesn't matter what time it really is because time has no meaning. Some of us work at 3 AM and who's to know or even care?

Except to shoot photographs of a client's home, I rarely meet my short sale sellers. Some of them could be fictional for all I know. Last year, a seller sent me a photograph of herself so I would know what she looked like. I guess she felt guilty that I have a photo on my website so she wanted to balance the scales. I have another seller in Tucson who mailed me a photograph of the desert so I would know what his landscaping looks like.

I leave you today with a photo of this statue of King Kamehameha the Great. There are two of the same statue in Hawaii. This is the original. Here's the back story: The statue was commissioned in 1878 and cast in Paris. On the way over, the ship sunk in the South Atlantic. The Hawaiian legislature ordered another one, which was later delivered and erected in front of the Judicial Building in Honolulu.

Sometime later, though, the captain of the ship that sunk spotted the "lost" statue in Port Stanley. What are the odds of that? The arm was broken. He bought it for $500, shipped it to Hawaii, fixed the arm, and it now stands in the town of Kapa'au. You pass through the town on the way to Pololu Valley. I don't want to say anything disrespectful, but what's with the banana head?

Photo: Elizabeth Weintraub

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