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Life With Wee People: And the mischief continues...



Stephen Starr 2013

Life With Wee People: And the mischief continues...


The thing about embracing the whole "Work Is The New Play" mantra is that you have to absorb an amazing amount of information to keep life fresh and fun. In my case, that means I am back in college full time taking accelerated classes in Healthcare Information Technology with a side of Certified Ethical Hacking (silly grin). Turns out I have been making very good use of my predilection for being anal retentive and computer literate, so my gal pals thought I should upgrade and validate the old knowledge skill set while continually hinting I should eventually become an attorney. I don't wanna, but I do love the mental chess of keeping up with my paralegal continuing education (and playing the pop quiz game with my snarky girlfriends).

Besides, attorneys don't do Ebonics. I happen to like Ebonics. It's so much fun to spoof on (silly grin).

Stephen Starr 2013

My gal pals have been mad fun with the whole wanna-be-an-author writing gig because I am a budding author of mystery, clinical insanity and murderous mayhem. It's the whole ex-government investigator with dark and twisty quirky bits for brains that keeps them on their toes and wondering how sick am I? When they actually get me, then I get to ask them how sick are you?


Turns out we're all very sick chicks indeed (LOL).

This project has my total attention and is mad fun because the cartoons living in my head have come to life and they are being edited by people who really know me. Yeah... That's actually a scary thought because I am 48 going on 3 and nothing is taboo or sacred when I start spoofing on it (silly grin).

Think about it. I've been seriously writing and not/or barely blogging for months on end. Me. The chick who has issues in her brain tissues and twinges in her mental hinges (evil grin).

FYI for new readers to my blog: I live and banter with the learning disabled on a daily basis. They are refreshingly honest and unfiltered which can be very inspiring, mad ironic (and on unexpected occasions make your virtual eyeballs bleed). Right now I am taking a break from scripting fight scenes.

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2013


Yeah. It's true. I do my own stunts and so do my kids (LOL). I had to slow everything down a bit because I broke my finger in May (during martial arts class), so we now periodically take turns sending each other brief sparring videos to illustrate what my characters should and should not be doing regarding the graphic and regular novels. Why? Because writing and typing to chat about it is a pain in the a$$ with a broken pinkie (and play fighting is a lot more fun). I also get reference points for the visuals I want to illustrate so it is sort of like we're playing fitness models for each other. Any excuse to beach hop, eh? (silly grin)

P.S. I have tendon and nerve damage in the last two fingers of my right hand (can't make a tight fist yet) and a Physical Therapist who is mad cool. My PT is inspiring me to get into the allied health care field. Being ubergeeky, I eventually wanna be a Medical Assistant because they do clinical and/or administrative work (and I love computers and studying the human form). Have you seen what they can do with digital mammographies? Very cool tool

Of course my attorney gal pals immediately started chatting me up about the medico-legal investigations aspects, electronic evidence discovery, yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah. Why am I not surprised? It doesn't matter what my continuing education classes are in because the law will eventually touch on every subject one way or the other, but I digress...  

I have been on backyard/garage lock down for months (my fave two homey wifi spots) with the wee people supervising my martial arts drills. Kids can be great exercise accountability partners, especially if you pay them in tasty snackage or BBQ. Sometimes my friends come over and we watch kung fu movies, instructional DVDs, chow down and work out. I am very fond of hanging my TRX and heavy bag from our tree limbs. The kids like playing with them as well.


Noah E Starr 2013

Noah, the Net Geek, likes tossing medicine balls and curling up on my weight bench to watch the birds and butterflies. He also likes working with the Kali sticks and long staff, but has a very short attention span. He's fantastic for a ten to fifteen minute activity drill (before he flips his Autistic fickle switch and runs back inside to obsess over the computer room).

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2013

Stephen, the Minion Blur, loves climbing like a monkey, Nurf sword fighting and will frequently go the distance with you when it comes to play fighting. FYI: Little Dude will hit you if you miss a block (so my don't-let-him-bash-your-knuckles reflexes are improving tremendously - LOL). He always asks me which hand is broken, then immediately goes for it (LOL). Smart kid. Bugger makes me flinch every single time (silly grin). ;-)

Noah E Starr 2013

Here's Noah, the Net Geek, on vacation in Jacksonville FL, whacking the heavy bag at the tail end of a Dan Inosanto Seminar. If you love martial arts as much as I do I highly recommend you try to attend Dan Inosanto workshops and seminars. He's an excellent teacher with a great sense of humor and imparts a tremendous amount of factual history during his lectures regarding the combat arts. Do take a partner to share the experience with because you will be awed when he demonstrates techniques for us to learn. Very fast paced so you really have to pay strict attention. Pssst... I took my whole family. It was mad fun having the kids in tow zoo and park hopping while I worked out with my classmates. 

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2013

My boys like to wrestle and hopped into the ring at the conclusion of the Inosanto Seminar. They also managed to slip themselves into several participants group photographs and personal pictures despite my motherly attempts to keep them in our section of the Guns and Hoses Gym. Pssst... Guns for Police and Hoses for the Fire Fighters. That was not a Guns and Roses typo. Seriously... I kid you not... It says this on the banners inside (silly grin). 

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2013

Our hotel was off the water. Gorgeous views. Went jogging every chance I could. The kids have been nagging me to get back to blogging and jogging because that usually means we're traveling somewhere fun to do something interesting. I've several business seminars coming up so I figure wee people fitness day trips are definitely in order. Especially since I've been on lock down going to school, editing my novel series, drawing my a$$ off and being a gym rat to relieve the stress of having a very tight 12 hour schedule (and now a broken pinkie... sigh).

It is amazing how one suddenly becomes mega health conscious when chronic pain enters the picture. Oh, the things I can tell you about my new attitude adjustment (LOL). I hear an ACE Health Coach "helps people with strategies and systems to change the fitness, nutrition and lifestyle behaviors that may be holding them back." Being a curious gal with issues, of course I ordered the manual so I can start studying for the exam while helping myself improve. I have two fabulous certified Personal Trainers: Kathleen (ISSA) and Brittany (MS, CSCS) who are gonna kick my non-bikini wearing butt into shape (big stupid happy silly grin).

The shorties are also helping me with my Health Coach certification class. Since they each have their own set of Occupational, Physical and Speech therapists, I'm thinking learning how to change the way we eat, incorporating daily physical activity into our lives, and improving our overall health and well-being is a good thing. The physical activity part is almost a no-brainer. We are huge Angelina Jolie, Jet Li, bring on the action movie fans that play rough and tumble in our house. If the combat move is eye catching cool my kids will try to do it (usually to me). Yes, admitting to being a wee people yoked and choked mom. Was that a dumb confession? Oh well... too late to take it back now (melodramatic sigh, eye roll, head thunks on table - stupid giggle).

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2013

Yeah. It's true. We act like 3 year olds and we are soooo easily amused (LOL).

Being the only girl in the house means I playfully get attacked from three sides on a weekly basis.

Yeah, hubby loves playing the fool and is totally into body slamming everyone on the couch and bed (so my kids think they can do it too and usually figure out how to topple me - silly grin).  Mr Autism versus Mr PDD-NOS is mad fun to watch when they blow up the air mattress to wrestle. Did you know that according to researchers at Duke Medicine, kids whose moms encourage them to exercise and eat well and model those healthy behaviors themselves, are more likely to be active and healthy eaters? The cool thing about being an Angelina Jolie fan is she is careful with her diet so my 11 year old is a picky eater who loves Greek salads. Our fave Tomb Raider scene is the bungee ballet. On the DVD extras there is an interview about her street fighting training and personal Yoga practice. My 11 year old is a visual learner, loves Yoga poses and connects with his fave entertainers. AJ's positive statements made a positive impression on him.

Stephen Starr 2013

Stephen is a wee bit trickier than Noah. Wanna know how I tricked shorty into getting started? STEP ONE: I showed them both a cool article that stated, "More is better when it comes to children’s toys, according to research presented today at the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) 58th Annual Meeting and 2nd World Congress on Exercise is Medicine®. Providing choices is the key, experts say, to encouraging children – especially girls – to be physically active." STEP TWO: I then started referring to all of my exercise equipment as TOYS (evil grin) and brought them more toys that encourage them to get moving (LOL).

Studies have indicated that "because children are becoming increasingly overweight, unhealthy and unfit, understanding the neurocognitive benefits of an active lifestyle during childhood has important public health and educational implications."

Elite Martial Arts students Sifu Vito Semo Jen Dan Inosanto

My 11 year old suffers from Autism and my 7 year old struggles with PDDNOS. Neurocognitive benefits is an allied health care phrase that will always make me sit up and take notice.

Hint: That means I am always looking for effective ways to challenge them to be self-sufficient regarding activities of daily living. Sometimes that requires that I don't play online as much as I would like (I apologize for neglecting you, been mad busy with real life).

To answer your e-mails in sum and substance: Am I going back into Real Estate? Yeah. Am I going to start screwing around making music again? Yeah. Do I have a gallery show coming up? Yeah. Am I gonna go back to sharing our quirky activities of wee people daily living drama? Yeah.

Wanna know which direction the blog is headed? Hmm...

I am an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer with a specialty certification as a Group Exercise Leader so I kinda sorta tuned my kids into Jeet Kune Do, Yoga, Tai Chi, 7 Star Northern Praying Mantis, Nei Kung, Pilates, TRX and Qigong. That basically means my blog can go just about anywhere we do. Oh horror - gym? Beach? Gallery? Foodie paradise spot? (Yeah... silly grin). ;-)

Carolyn Tann-Starr 2013

Last thought before bed: My gal pals think I should get the Mind Body cert next because I've been doing Tai Chi since I was 19 years old and they want me to be their yogalini-pilates-beach-B* (evil grin).

I am slowly working towards a Black Belt in Jeet Kune Do as a student of Sifu Vito and Semo Jen, so if I do go the Mind Body route, I'll probably learn something useful to give a couple of my book characters more depth and breath while having fun doing the old body-sculpting-thang with some really cool people (and a few crazies from my childhood - sandbox love, can't leave 'em out - LOL).

P.S. I still can't swim but I do now own a bitchin' black bathing suit that my guy pies picked out for me. We are soooo gonna spoof about that later.  Gotta go. My day starts a 5AM every single day.





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