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Ants and the Naked Emperor

Ants. This is the time of year we see ants. Wet weather, warm days and the ants come out in Land Park. That's the recipe. Good thing it doesn't rain in the summer in Sacramento. It would only bring more and more ants.

Ants are infuriating. How can something so small cause such irritation? Ha! That's what people at short sale banks say about me. But people will also tell you to look at the big picture and ignore the small stuff -- but I am here to tell you it's the small stuff that needs your attention. It's the small stuff that makes up the big picture. A small cactus thorn so tiny you can't see it with the naked eye can wiggle its way into your foot and cause all kinds of havoc, so don't tell me that small stuff isn't painful or worthy of attention.

For two days I have been battling ants. It's time to call in the heavy artillery -- pest control dude. These are the times I wish I had chosen a different type of Cambria quartz for our counter tops. The peppercorn design disguises those darn ants. You can't see them until they crawl on the window sill or into the sink. The question becomes how many can you squish with your forefinger before you realize you have dead insect juice on your finger? Yuck.

We just had the kitchen sink recaulked by our handyman. He mentioned when I gave him the laundry list of deferred maintenance items to take care of that he does not know very many people who take such good care of their home. He made me feel like an anomaly. Since when do people put up with mold growing in their caulk? Ick.

But then I remembered the seller in Land Park who refused to acknowledge he had dry rot in his bath. He became unglued when I told the short sale bank he needed pest work done in the bath. He questioned my ability to recognize dry rot. Demanded to know if I had a pest license.

Hey, I could see tiles popping off a wet surface, and it's not rocket science to figure out what's underneath. I could feel a spongy floor under my feet. I could see the balls of black mold creeping around the perimeter of the tub. Would I tell a buyer a bath needed pest work? No, probably not in those terms. I don't want to get sued. But a seller, you betcha. This guy saw nothing. I'm not gonna argue with him.

I'm just gonna be thankful I know a really good pest dude. Some home sellers are like that naked emperor in a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale. You can't tell them they don't have any clothes on because they don't want to hear it.


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