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I Don't Sell Pool Tables

When a real estate transaction closes, an agent's fiduciary relationship with the buyer or seller is over. That's why contracts have starting dates and circumstances under which those dates end. But just because the purchase contract or listing agreement is over doesn't mean my personal relationship with my clients is over. I never go away.

I tell clients that, too. If they need anything after closing, and I mean anything, they can call me. Sometimes, clients are new to Sacramento and they don't know how to find neighborhood businesses or maybe they don't know that some purchases are better off being made in San Francisco -- as Sacramento is sorely lacking in what I call quality shopping experiences. Thank goodness we have internet.

But most of all I really like my clients. I met with clients a few days ago who are moving to Boston and selling a short sale. When I left their home, it dawned on me that I will probably never see them again. So, I said goodbye and wished them well in the future endeavors. As a Sacramento short sale agent, there are many clients who don't make it to closing with me because they have moved away by then. That's kinda sad.

In any case, I don't understand agents who want nothing more to do with anybody after closing. Sellers in Land Park listed with me a few years ago because when they bought the home, they had called that Land Park listing agent after closing to ask why the sprinklers were not working. That agent told them the home was sold as is and slammed down the phone. They did not call that listing agent when they decided to sell. They called another Land Park agent, me.

Another client called yesterday. He bought an upper-end pool home a while back in Fair Oaks, and I represented him. He called because his neighbor was selling his home and had promised to sell him the pool table. Apparently, there was some kind of mix up and the escrow had closed before my guy could get the pool table moved out. So, he called the listing agent to ask how he could get the pool table.

The listing agent said, "I don't sell pool tables." And she refused to help him. Would not pass on his information to the buyers or buyer's agent. She would do nothing. I don't understand. Sure, her agency had terminated, but what about future Good Will or just being a decent human being, a nice person? My client said, "That's why I called you."

Unfortunately, there is not much I can do. I looked up and passed on the buyer's agent's information to him and left that agent a voice mail. Technically, the pool table probably belongs to the buyers now, and they haven't moved in. I just wanted to know if the buyers wanted the pool table. That agent hasn't called me back, either.

People like this give real estate agents a bad name. Their behavior reflects poorly on our entire industry.

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