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An Active Rain Newbie Contest - Come Get Some Jump in your Step - 07-30-10


Hey NEWBIES It's time to showcase your talents - JUMP


Click here for Jump Video - (not sure why HTML didn't work for this video)  AR gods?  Anyone?  Bueller?



Before we start, here is what I feel about Active Rain, about blogging, and what contests like this allow....

It's a chance for new members to show their talent. If anything, a chance to possibly find your blogging voice. Overall, blogging gets you recognized online & in your local area.

And keep in mind...The great thing about this community, in regards to Active Rain, there are people willing to help you and help you grow.



We Want you to participate in this Active Rain Newbie contest


Okay.. so you are new to Active Rain... or you are new to Blogging. You are afraid to 'jump' out there and expose yourself. You say that you have no writing talents? You have to start some where. It takes time to build your confidence. But here is a chance to be yourself, just put something out there, and to get new business, referrals, and to make new friends. It might seem difficult at first, but until you put your best foot forward, how do you know until you try.

Do you know that 80% of the consumers out there shop online when looking for a home, mortgage services, or possibly the services of a stagger. That these consumers come to the internet looking for information and hoping to be educated on certain services. Have you read the many success stories here on Active Rain, proving that blogging works? Check them out here : Active Rain Block Party

We Want You !!!!   With so many new ways in regards to technology, blogging has been a great way to market yourself and your business.  But how can I blog?  What can I write about?  What about my presentation or style of writing?  It takes time and for many of us, it didn't happen over night. You must be patient....  But what a great place to try and learn how to blog other than writing on Active Rain.

So come and participate... what do you have to lose.




Within this contest, just be yourself.  **Judging will be based on original content and creativity.**   **It won't be limited to just writing, meaning that you can use videos in your blog, graphics, and or pictures.**  If you want some great tips, Brad Andersohn is a great resource for tech stuff, blogging tips, and so much more.  Subscribe to Brad Andersohn  It can be on anything that you want it to be, any topic. What we want is for you to capture our interest. And keep in mind, lay-out and readability is important also, just as staging a home.... presentation.

And think of this contest as a way to prime yourself for your what you do, if you are a realtor, loan officer, title clerk, appraiser, etc, etc.  Sheldon Neal wrote about this, What makes you different?  Stand out from the crowd?   This is a must read...



First prize will be awarded 1000 points and be Featured on ActiveRain and in the Active Rain Newbie group.

Second Prize will be awarded 750 points

Third Prize will be awarded 500 points

*200 additional points for all that enter this contest*



You can view the entries here..... - Come Get Some Jump in you Step -





 1. Who is eligible? Anyone on this site less than 12 months (please read below about this ) and who has never had a feature. Yes, if you have been on here for less than 12 months, but have received a feature, you can't enter.  For some of you that don't know, a feature is that little Gold Star that you get at the bottom of your post and your blog is placed on the main page of Active Rain. Those blogs being featured in the AR groups don't count as an AR feature. 

 2. Number of entrees per person will be limited to (2) and it must be completely original and authored by you. Any plagiarism found will be deleted and may be posted on Rich Jacobson's "wanted for plagiarism" post.

 3. The post itself for the contest?  Original content, as explained above.  Also, no duplicating of previous blogs. Blogs that you have written, not of other members blogs. Example - If you wrote what you thought was a good blog before or had a good topic, be creative.  Re-write it, changing it up some. Part of the main puprose for this contest is to help you get better at writing, blogging.  So copying a past blog post won't really help, even if you think it was an excellent blog.

 4. Submit your post to these 4 groups : An Active Rain Newbie Contest - Come Get Some Jump in your Step - 07-30-10, Dedicated Bloggers, Bloggers Choice Selections, Positive Attitude for the Weary Soul. The 5th & last group can be your group of choice.

 5. please link your entry in this post, in your comment below.......

 6. Make sure that the title of your blog has this in it some where -  "An Active Rain Newbie Contest - Come Get Some Jump in your Step".

 7. You must include the following in your Tag words below : "An Active Rain Newbie Contest - Come Get Some Jump in your Step". If you don't, you won't qualify. (what is a tag? Tags & Tag words)

 8. DEADLINE for submitting entries is Saturday, August 7th, 2010 at midnight EST.

 9. Winners will be announced Tuesday, August 10th, 2010.

10. Only 200 points will be awarded per PERSON regardless of the number of entries submitted - with the exception of the Winners.

11. Even if you aren't signed up to blog as a 'Rainmaker', you can still write your blogs as 'members only' and still participate in this contest. 


PS...  as the founder of this contest, not working directly for Active Rain, please don't get upset if you aren't awarded points right away for any part of the contest.  Give me and AR at least 7 to 10 days. I have a real job.  ;o)



Lastly, bribing the judges can and will be optional. But nothing under 2,000 rubles. Hence why the judges won't be mentioned until the contest ends at midnight on August 7th. 


Anyone wanting to judge, please e-mail me at





Here are the previous Newbie contests and contest winners :





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