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A Caveat Emptor About the HAFA Short Sale Program

margie from minneapolis at old sacramentoReading Mike Watson's blog this morning gave me the inspiration for mine. That's one of the great things about belonging to an online group like this -- apart from the fact that if AR would have me as a member, maybe I shouldn't belong -- but I get great ideas from other writers. In one of my Sacramento short sales last week, the seller asked her lawyer if she could apply for the HAFA short sale program. That's because there are many benefits to the HAFA short sale program such as:

Now, not every Sacramento short sale seller needs a lawyer. In fact, many absolutely do not need to hire a lawyer to do a short sale, but they absolutely, positively should obtain legal and tax advice upfront. But this seller had hard-money loans and was concerned about protection. Her lawyer had insisted on putting the home on the market right away.

Well, in the past I've had a few lenders such as Bank of America convert regular short sales into HAFA short sales, but that practice is going away. This was a PNC short sale, and PNC said no can do. It won't convert the short sale to HAFA because we've already submitted an offer. The only way to do it is to cancel the offer and submit to HAFA, or forget about HAFA all together.

When I'm not being a Sacramento short sale agent and dealing with HAFA, I'm running around Old Sacramento (above) with my sister, Margie, from Minneapolis. It's been a lot of fun hauling my sister around my neighborhood in Land Park and showing her how delightful Sacramento is, including why, maybe, she should consider moving here. Ah, today we are going for facial treatments in Land Park. Let me tell ya, life doesn't get any better than that.

Photo: Elizabeth Weintraub, Old Sacramento, shot with BlackBerry Bold

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A Caveat Emptor About the HAFA Short Sale Program
Reading Mike Watson's blog this morning gave me the inspiration for mine. That's one of the great things about belonging to an online group like this -- apart from the fact that if AR would have me as a member, maybe I shouldn't belong -- but I get… more
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