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You do Remember Why We do This Right?

The Sun also Rises I hear and read a lot these days about how difficult the business of real estate has become. How hard it is to remain motivated in the face of eternal detriment as the hand of today's economy. How short sales, foreclosures, and frightened public perception of the distorted American Dream has drained the life from what we once considered fun.

 But did you forget so quickly that beyond the trappings of business you are also the guide to a brand new life? The sometimes you are beyond blessed by your ability to ingrain your occupation into the lives of real life people, known as clients, who beyond the obstacles of the modern day forge a brand new life that you have a hand in creating. It shouldn't be so hard to remember that you have one of the greatest opportunities in the world and you spend all your time referring to it as a job or just another career in the midst of volitile complacency that has engulfed our existence.


Remember Happiness Remember that frightened excitement of the last family that relocated to your area?Remember that the nervous energy was a power that you could feel in the air and it was almost electric? Everything had a life of it's own from the first phone call, to the hunt for the perfect new home, to the gut wrenching moments we wrote the contract, to the uncontrollable smiles as they received the key at closing. You were there every step of the way and there was nowhere you would rather be in the world.

 Remember those first time home buyers that could even decide why they called much less where to go from here. They just knew that had hopes, dreams, and the overwhelming desire to carve out their own spot in this world and they needed you to protect them in the process. And after all the headache, heartache, and sleepless nights they found the place that they just knew was right for them and there it was, one more welcome mat and Weber sold a new grill. Because this time, there would be no hanging out at the apartment or our house, but everyone would grill out in the backyard of their home. And you could see the smile involuntarily curling up from the edge of their lips every time they uttered the word.

 And you still think this is a hard thing to do? Well, in some ways of course it is, I'll take nothing away from the hard times of the world we face today. But can you remember the times that make it worth it? I sure can! And I consider myself far more blessed than cursed!


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You do Remember Why We do This Right?
I hear and read a lot these days about how difficult the business of real estate has become. How hard it is to remain motivated in the face of eternal detriment as the hand of today's economy. How short sales, foreclosures, and frightened public… more
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