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Is a balanced life a mediocre life?

People constantly talk about a BALANCED LIFE. I read enough about it on blogs here on Active Rain and my husband himself, is a firm believer of a balanced lifestyle. Did you know that the focus of achieving this "state" bugs the crap out of me??? The more I think about it and try to strive for it, the more I realized it can't be achieve.

You must first know where I am coming from. So, don't get upset yet.

I am an over-achiever, highly-efficient and super-productive. I have a bull dog attitude and I wont take No for an answer. If there is one word my friends would describe me, PRODUCTIVE is what they think about. Not because I am that, but because that's what they constantly hear me tweet about. Everything that I do, I give it MY ALL. If there is one thing I know I didn't get done that day, I couldn't go to bed that night. That includes knowing that there are food waste in the sink. (I have a little obsessive compulsive personality) and my kitchen not tucked away as it should.

So, this is what I came into conclusion with: A Balanced Life is a Life of Mediocrity. (Please dont hit me). It is a life that you strive to achieve a little bit of that, a little bit of this is something that spreaded too thin in my books. Some family time, some business life, some personal all rolled into our everyday schedule. This is also the very reason that I quit my full-time job to continue my quest of becoming a Realtor(R). I was working 2 jobs for 4.5 years and towards the end of my corporate career, I realized that no one was getting the BEST of me: not my corporate job and not my clients.

I could still consider working 2 jobs a BALANCED LIFE? Why not? I had a consistent paycheck coming in every 2 weeks and a good commission check once a while. That's definitely a definition of balance especially in my pocket book.

Realistically, I'm not sure if someone can achieve the BALANCED LIFE. No one really gets the best of you. I mean, the real BEST. If you really want to be a mother, you really can't work - at least in the early years of child nurturing. If you really want to be the best REALTOR(R), then perhaps being single is good.

I really gave this a long thought before I posted this strong opinion of mine. I could almost imagine all the anger it may create. No worries, I still am a mother, a wife and a Realtor(R) juggling 3 hats all at the same time. But on some days, I really wonder if a Balanced Life a life of mediocrity because you are not allowed to be the best at what you do. You have to hold back. You can't work 16 hours a day because you have family to care for. You can't answer your phone (or don't want to) because you try to achieve this balance in life between work and family.

But all these recent blogs about achieving a Balanced Lifestyle really cant make me help but wonder. I try to achieve this balance but sometimes can't help but to wonder.





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Is a balanced life a mediocre life?

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Is a balanced life a mediocre life?
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