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Spontaneous Road Trip to Life

I can remember the exact thought and feeling of a time in 1994 while living in Phoenix, Arizona. I was driving down the road to work in Scottsdale and I had the window down. 

The feeling of absolute bliss in my life hit me. The sky was blue the weather warm. I stuck my head out of the window and shouted, "I wasn't born here...but I got here as soon as I could!" Life felt perfect then. I knew I was where I was supposed to be in that moment. I had arrived!

It all changed with one phone call from my Mother in Kentucky. My Dad had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and it had spread into his bones.  My fragile world all crashed around me and I cried in the floor of my apartment for days. A neighbor from across the way became concerned and knocked upon my door. He brought me flowers and food and helped me figure out what to do. I think now that he was an angel sent to watch over me.

After storing all my things I flew back home to live at the farm and care for my Dad. I was there every moment I could be till the end. I have such wonderful memories of our talks and Dad knew just how deeply I loved him. I had to let go of him right before his birthday in 1995.

Dad had been a classic car collector and was so proud of all his "babies". When he had bought his convertible white Cadillac with the tail fins he knew it was one of his dreamcars. I got my love of cars from him. I'm not a big trader. I tend to keep one forever and baby it.  My favorites have been sportscars and I bought my first one in 1982. The last one  I had was traded in to buy my Mom a new car. She gave me her old one and I used it to become the Realtor I am today! LOL

After 4 years with Mom's car I finally started dreaming of a sportscar again. I started researching then imagining every aspect of a certain one. I knew the color, interior, specs, mileage, weight, speed, etc. I studied all the websites where it was sold used and joined a forum of car-lovers of that car. I went to a dealership to drive was already sold. One spin around the lot and I knew I would have one soon. I thought about the car that it was already mine. I made room in my garage to park it. I was going to manifest this particular car in my life.

A week ago last Friday...I truly released it to the universe. I had done everything I could. All followups by me and others on available cars across the USA for 4 months had been futile. That night I saw another one on eBay and I sent the dealership an email. By 9AM I got the call from the salesman and by 11A I was on the road with one of my best friends to Chicago to buy this car. If someone had asked me on Friday what I would be doing on Saturday it wouldn't have been that I would be driving 6 hours to Chicago to buy a car.  It was destiny.

Two things confirmed I was doing the right thing. They had to do with lucky numbers. Remember my Lucky Monkey 203 story? The mileage was 17203. The salesperson said the dealership had been in business since 1956. That was the year my Dad started his Greyhound Bus Station. Suddenly, I felt comfort wash over me that Dad had something to do with this. He was was sending me a message and helping me get my dreamcar!

We pulled into the dealership  and there it was! I didn't ever have a moment of hesitation to buy it. Everything had fallen into place perfectly within hours. No snags at all. Within an hour I was driving it back to Kentucky. Dad would have been so proud. Sitting in the car I felt him hugging me.

This post is about how your thoughts become your reality. When you want something bad enough it materializes for you. Spend time to focus on exactly what it is. Live and breathe it like you have it in your life now.

When everything lines up and people(angels) are in place to help to get what you want...believe in it. Take the leap and own it. As soon as you start questioning and focus on a fear all this support and help will crumble and blow away in the wind. Take the leap and get what you want today...if you were to die tomorrow you would at least have enjoyed it for a day.

"Walk out like someone suddenly born into color. Do it now!" 



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