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Thankful Thursday, 2/16/12

My entire life I wanted to be a singer. Not so much a professional singer, as just a person who could sing.  Carrying a tune is not one of my strong points and I am admonished by my family son Max all of the time for singing.  My mother's admonishment comes in the form of her turning down her hearing aide.  Can you imagine being told not to sing?  "Don't sing when my friends are in the car".  "Mom, I can't hear the TV, please stop singing".  I am constantly reminded of a quote I read long ago that said something like if the only birds in the forest that could sing well were the only birds singing, the forest would be a very quiet place.  I'm sure I've written about this before but it's still not out of my system so I am equally sure I will be writing about it again.  And again.  

My second passion in life is words.  Some writers have such a way of stringing words together that I take the time to reread the sentence just to savor the quality of the sentence.  I'm reading (or rereading as the case may be) a book by Richard Russo called Straight Man.  Mr. Russo is a very funny man and some sentences are laugh out loud funny.  The human condition is something we all have in common and to have someone put something you've been thinking into far better words that you could have imagined is an exciting thing to me.

Today I am thankful for the gift of words.  Because I may not write as well as some or sing as well as most, I am thankful for the gifts that are given to those who do it so well.  

Carpe Diem!


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Thankful Thursday, 2/16/12
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