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Needing many prayers for Missy Caulk's son, Jamie Caulk


Well, I know I had updates at the bottom and had to post the 11:30 am update up top, since it was great news... not sure what to do with this update now... but this is an update from about 30 minutes ago...

11/19/11  12:10 am

From Christa...   "I'd like to keep you all updated on Jamie Caulk. After the doctor's discovered blood flow to Jamie's brain, they also learned that the blood doesn't appear to be getting to the brain stem which is the part of his brain where the stroke occurred. Again, this is the part of our brain which control the heart, lungs and basic functions for life. The next 36 hours are critical for his recovery. We ple...aded for the doctor's to conduct a final apnea test which will determine if his brain is capable of forcing his body to breathe once he gets a certain level of carbon dioxide in his blood."

We really need to dig deeper than before, and pray like never before.... We witnessed one miracle this morning, needing another now...




Major Update !!!

Update : 10/18/11 @ 11:30 am - The test showed blood flow to Jaime's brain. A small step that buys him more time for God to continue working a miracle. Keep praying everyone. Need Jamie to now come out of his comma.


(Please play this as you read)



Not sure where to begin... I probably don't know many of you now, since I really haven't been on Active Rain in 2011 and because AR has grown tremendously with new faces.... and many of the older members are either gone or not on as much. So I am not sure what has been mentioned on AR. But for anyone that knows Missy Caulk, her son Jamie was in a serious car accident on Thursday. I don't know the details, except what has been mentioned on facebook. Missy has a special place in my heart, because I have gotten to know her over the years and she is just an incredible giving person that shares so much of herself. We haven't met in person, but have talked on several occasions, and I consider her like family, like an older sister. She was one of the first 20 people or so that I got to know when I first joined AR in October 2006. And because of AR and Facebook, I have gotten to know parts of her family throughout the years.

This was an update from Missy herself late Friday night. 

"Please continue to pray for my son Jamie. He is in vanderbilt trauma unit. He is Intubated and needs to wake up. Bad car wreck. He has no movement at all now. When he arrived at trauma was awake. Then crashed. They brought him back and Intubated him. He has had no sedation since 2:00 but is not waking up. We are praying for a miracle."

Update from Matthew Caulk of about 24 hours ago - "The latest update is Jamie had a catastrophic stroke caused by a very rare chain of events including the way he was born. At this point we need a miracle or Jamie is going to progress and be brain dead rather quickly. Love everyone so much for all the prayer and support now. God can, has and will heal Jamie, my personal belief is Jamie and Jesus are working out those details this very moment in the Kingdom."

Matthew, Jamie's brother, had shared the song below on FB.... and about 30 minutes ago, I heard this song, the one that I mentioned above, on Pandora. And it kind of sounded like Jamie's song at first... so I ended up listeing to the whole song. Very touching.... as I listened to the song above, it reminded me on how we have many roads ahead of us, that are unknown. In this case, we want Jamie to come back on one of these roads, leading back to his family. And I just wanted to put this out there, asking for your thoughts and prayers for Jamie and the Caulk family... That Jamie comes back to us.... Please dig deep down, because I have always felt AR as a family in one way or another. Thanks

ps.. sorry if this might have been a litle jumpy, just lost for words. And for those that might not know, Christa Caulk Stewart here on AR is her daughter, who is married to our own Bob Stewart... who I have gotten to meet on several occasions. Just awesome people....


"Holding On"

Here is a quick story from the local paper - Jamie Caulk seriously hurt in crash


10/17/11 - 10:00 pm - I followed up with Bob and just got a text from Bob.... The doctors will be doing a test in the morning to determine if Jaime has any blood flowing to his brain. The doctors say he will need a miracle to survive... thanks


 10/18/11 - 12:15 am -   Matthew Caulk just gave me a quick e-mail update... Not wanting to give negative news, but apoparently the doctors are pushing them to make a decision.. the doctors will be meeting in the morning to see if Jamie is getting any blood to the brain.  Matthew is just thankful for all the support that you all are showing, which has given them hope, more hope, in staying strong... thanks everyone.... 


Here is Jamie who is the anchor for the Univeristy's school news.


Miracles can happen - Keeping the faith (Zach Dunlap - story from 2008)

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


 Missy had shared this about 45 minutes ago.






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Needing many prayers for Missy Caulk's son, Jamie Caulk
Well, I know I had updates at the bottom and had to post the 11:30 am update up top, since it was great news… not sure what to do with this update now… but this is an update from about 30 minutes ago… 11/19/11 12:10 am &… more
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