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True creativity excites and inspires!

Creativity can neither be taught nor learnedStark canvas on the easel waits,
As crayons lurk and pigments fade,
Forlorn, abandoned by the Muse
No hand to craft, no brush to use.
                  (R weisser 2012) 

Creativity is a fleeting quality. On some days inspiration gushes forth like a geyser, on other days it may be more of a slow drip.

And there is a marked difference between technical proficiency and creativity. One may have all of the skills and attributes needed to execute an artistic endeavor, but may lack the creative element that sets the work apart and elevates it to a higher state of recognition.

True creativity excites and inspires. It transcends cognition and arouses lurking emotions deep within the sensibilities. It can be a spiritual experience.

But while creativity can be promoted, it can be neither learned nor taught.

It may be drawn out, like water from a well!

But it must be clean and pure in order to quench the thirst!


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Comment balloon 23 commentsRichard Weisser • March 18 2012 07:08AM
True creativity excites and inspires!
Stark canvas on the easel waits, As crayons lurk and pigments fade, Forlorn, abandoned by the Muse No hand to craft, no brush to use. (R weisser 2012) Creativity is a fleeting quality. On some days inspiration gushes forth… more
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