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“This generation shall not pass until….”

“This generation shall not pass until….”Yesterday we got the news that “teen” heartthrob Davy Jones had succumbed to a heart attack. Half of the Beatles has preceded him, as did Elvis, Roy Orbison and so many others that defined an entire generation.

But this is not intended to be a tribute post or an epistle about musical history. It is about the realization of a man that time has eroded away the vigor and recklessness of youth and that the certainty of mortality is constantly creeping up upon me.

It is sobering to think that so many of “my own time” are now no longer with us. It is a daily reminder that the glory days are in the past, and now it’s time to pass the torch on to the succeeding generations.

Life is funny that way, because we always think of ourselves as young! Every time I pick up a guitar I am immediately transported back to the sixties and the culture of a bygone era.

I look back with fondness and remembrance! Those were some great times!


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“This generation shall not pass until…. ”
Yesterday we got the news that “teen” heartthrob Davy Jones had succumbed to a heart attack. Half of the Beatles has preceded him, as did Elvis, Roy Orbison and so many others that defined an entire generation. But this is not intended to be… more
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