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Do Your Clients Look For Signs of Good Fortune In Order To Buy A House?

While out yesterday taking pictures of my new listing at Hidden Point, I caught this Bluebird sitting on the deck rail. 

My first thought was that it was the Bluebird of happiness.

If I were a client touring this home,  I might think it was a sign that I was supposed to buy this house.  

Sometimes, when showing homes to clients there is one thing at the listing that reminds them of home or is a good omen. Then they make a quick decision to buy.  

For example: One of my clients saw the welcome mat at the front door and it was exactly like the one at her home so she immediately wrote an offer.  She knew it was a sign that this listing was special. It took the fear away of making an offer. 

Another agent once told me about a listing he had that had ducks everywhere in the house. The seller just loved duck decor! He was wondering how to gently tell her that the buyers might not be into the ducks and they needed to go. Instead, he didn't tell her because it might hurt her feelings. Wouldn't you know it? A buyer came in that absolutely adored ducks! She thought it was a sign! SOLD! You just never know what is someone's idea of bliss.

I did the same thing when I bought my car. The mileage was 17203 and I knew 203 were my lucky numbers. A few of my previous cars even had 203 in the license number. Those numbers were on my childhood home where I had spent a lot of my life. Those numbers immediately make me feel safe. Like it is meant for me. I didn't hesitate buying the car. I still love driving it too.

Our clients make these decisions all the time. Many times they tell us when something just hits them and gives them the warm fuzzies about the house. I know it's not by is like a waking dream to calm their fears and know everything is in order to move forward with a decision. These are my dream clients and they are lucky people most all the time. They usually become my good friends along the way.

That Kentucky Bluebird of happiness lives at my new listing. He stays with the house.

It won't last long...

Lizette Realty Lizette Fitzpatrick

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